Daily Archives: November 22, 2008

Get Busy with Sean Paul

Speaking of Sean Paul, this is my favourite version of “Get Busy”. I am not sure where this video was filmed, but this seems quintessentially Canadian to me, what with the parkas, the winter setting, the unfinished basement, the references to the furnace (!) and the split party going on (young people downstairs, older people upstairs). I love the little kid who sneaks down and gets down (before being whisked back upstairs), and I think the older man complaining about the banging on the “furnace” is priceless!

Sean Paul: Get Busy

Mixing in a little Justin Timberlake into Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”

This song is hard for me to take seriously. (Maybe if I was younger I would.) Fortunately, with this mashup that incorporates a very funny Justin Timberlake, I don’t have to!

Good Friday Night Music…

is anything by Estelle, it seems. Here she is with Sean Paul with “Come Over”

Estelle has a nice groove going here and a sweet soulful sound.

It is interesting to compare this to her American Boy video with Kanye West. There’s alot of similarities even though visually they are superficially different.

Estelle reminds me of Amy Winehouse in how she seems to be channeling much older styles of singing but making it fresh and contemporary.

The Twitter Rules

Anyone who is using twitter should consider this. Andy Piper has put together a list of rules for users of twitter that I think are bang-on. I try to follow them myself, and like Andy, I tend to drop people who break them often.

Besides Andy’s blog, you should also follow him on twitter: if you do, you will learn alot. Trust me.

P.S. BTW, he works for IBM, not Moo. I just thought I should point that out. 🙂

Good news! GM is giving up 2 corporate jets! Bad news! They have 3 remaining!

Perhaps someone can explain why they have ANY corporate jets, given the trouble they are in. After all, if you were close to bankruptcy and people found out you had 5 sports cars, do you think just giving up 2 of them would be sufficient? I didn’t think so, either.

As I said before, these guys need to try alot harder. Or perhaps someone else should take the job who is willing to try harder.

For more details, see Think Progress » GM execs give up some private jets after embarassing hearing.