Why I like the Nike Air Zoom Explosion Road Shoe

Normally I don’t buy Nike shoes. My feet are wide and I find New Balance and Saucony fit my feet better than Nike.

That said, I tried on these Nike’s while shopping for new shoes this weekend, and I really liked them. For one thing, there is little to them but good cushioning. For people with pronation problems, this would not be a good shoe, but for runners like me, it is great! For years I’ve looked around for a low cost, lightweight shoe with good cushioning, and I think these Nike’s fit the bill. I took them out for a run tonight and I thought they felt great. The ache in my knee went away, and it felt like I had nothing on my feet.

I am not sure why these don’t feel tight like previous Nike shoes. It could be because the uppers are hardly there: just some mesh and a few straps. No leather or vinyl to bind the foot.

I also had tried the Nike Lunar Trainers before, but I like these for the great price. 

Plus they look great.

You can get more information on them over at the NikeStore.


One response to “Why I like the Nike Air Zoom Explosion Road Shoe

  1. Hy there: My experience is, that its right, the shoe is very light and it feels great running with them. But for example, i have problems with my knee when I am running about 10km . Today i bought another shoe. lets see if the ache disapears.

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