Using social media tools to recruit people

National Resources Canada  ( which is part of the Government of Canada)  is recruiting in 2009. Here’s part of their pitch to new recruits:

“At Natural Resources Canada, we don’t just think outside the box. We work outside the box.

As well as pens, paper and computers, the tools of the trade might include a pick, or a shovel, a GPS and camping gear. And on some days, the closest thing to a colleague might have feathers or fur.
We don’t block YouTube or Facebook. Our people decide what tools help them to work as a team and to get the job done. Our very own Wiki helps give wings to the most creative ideas, whether they come from a senior manager or someone at entry level.”

Any companies recruiting new (and not so new) hires should be aware that other organizations are competing for the same people  that you are by offering them access to social media tools as a benefit. Smart thinking on their part.

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