Great low priced hotels in Europe you should enjoy

No doubt with the Great Recession, travel has not been a priority with most people. But if you can afford to travel, now is still a good time. Even if you are concerned about the cost of things. For the has a great rundown of 100 European hotels under $150/night in this article here: 100 Hotels Under $150 –

You might object, “that’s not so cheap”, and yes, you can likely find cheaper hotels. But why stay in a dump when for a bit more you can stay in some really great hotels and still not spend a ton of money. Hey, smart people like you deserve to live well and not go broke in the process. You now can have the chic without the cher.

See you there!

(Great photo of the Matisse B&B in Rome by Chris Warde-Jones for The New York Times. Doesn’t it make you want to go?)


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