On boycotting races that ban the use of iPods

Well, this is a mess. It looks like the winner of a marathon was disqualified for iPod use (according to the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel – JSOnline. It doesn’t help matters that the USATF had a draconian rule in before banning it for all runners. Now they are leaving it to the race directors, but even they have a problem with that.

The question I have is: why ban it at all? If you are banning iPods, why not ban heart monitors and stop watches, etc? Heck, why not ban Gatorade and Powerbars. Afterall, they all help runners too.

As for me, I would boycott any race that prevented me from wearing an iPod. I recommend you do the same.


2 responses to “On boycotting races that ban the use of iPods

  1. ban legs and water!

    Or, to take this in a Vonnegut direction, tie weights to the faster runners so they all run the same speed.

    • smartpeopleiknow

      Yes, legs and water and running shoes. Heck, make the runners run naked since shoes and socks and clothes all help, too.

      P.S. Maybe there should be a Kurt V marathon!

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