Working hard for the money

This is going out the Goldman Sachs and their mind bogglingly stupid bonuses, who no doubt feel they work hard for the money! 😉
(Goldman Sachs can give out huge bonuses because of people who do work hard for the little money they do get. )

But enough about greedy bankers.

I always felt Donna Summer never got enough credit for her talent. She had great range, both vocally and in what she sang about.  True, she did Love to Love You Baby, but you miss out on alot of good music if you only focus on that.

I also know that some people think: 80s music/video…lame! Yet lots of people give credit to the look and music of the 70s, and having lived through both the 70s and the 80s, I’d take the 80s any day. And mark my words: big hair and big shoulderpads WILL come back soon. 🙂

Enough soap box rantings from me. Here’s the very good, very 80s, Donna Summer:

YouTube – Donna Summer – She Works Hard For The Money

P.S. Ok, just to drive home my point, here is You to Love You Baby from the 70s. (The other video is ’83). Not only is this NSFW, it is Not Suitable Anywhere! I cannot watch the “interpretive dance dude” without bursting out laughing. Not to pick on him in particular: there was ALOT of this going on in the 70s. He just manages to capture it so well, combining the best of Snoopy and Christopher Guest.

Just try watching it with a straight face.

80s 1, 70s 0.


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