Philippe Starck has lost his mind…

I am a big fan of Philippe Starck’s design, be it an entire hotel, a cafe, a watch, or even a fly swatter! He is innovative and stylish. At least I thought he was until I saw these. Apparently he designed these gnome thingies!

There is really no excuse for that.

Found via the mogg blogg


4 responses to “Philippe Starck has lost his mind…

  1. Gno Thanks! Gno gnomes for me! :-0

  2. I have to agree. It’s like he completely lost his design sense.

    • smartpeopleiknow

      I was hoping it was actually a joke or a mistake. But nope!

      Gnomes can be fun, but these little fellas are priced a bit too high to be taken lightly. Sad.

  3. Sunshine+Design

    haha, Gno Thanks. Love it. I have a Philippe Starck bathroom sink. It’s beautiful. The gnomes are no good.

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