(Chinese) invisible cities

Have you ever heard of Zibo? I haven’t. Yet, as James Fallows points out, it is bigger than Chicago or Milan. It’s not the only one. Fallows states there are many cities like that in China. Have you heard of Ningbo? As the site Moving Cities points out, “Ningbo, once China’s largest trading port, now sits poised for its resurgence as a business and cultural mecca. In the coming years, Ningbo will connect to Shanghai via a modern expressway and high-speed rail link.” You can bet from there it will again be a major city. If anything, many of these cities (besides Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong) will be move from being invisible to most of the world to prominent.

2 responses to “(Chinese) invisible cities

  1. 6 million people invisible? Maybe to blinkered Western eyes.

    • smartpeopleiknow

      You are right: they are invisible to Western eyes. However, as they become more influential, they will become more visible to Westerners, just as they are no doubt visible to people outside the “West”.