Tips on having a very small (250 sq ft) apartment

Anyone looking to live in a small studio apartment like this place featured in Apartment Therapy Los Angeles could steal some tips from how this place is set up:

The apartment nicely takes the space and divides it in two with a floor to ceiling curtain that can be drawn back if need be. This curtain is more to accentuate the divide than to provide privacy or to hide the other room. Although with a darker curtain, you do that if you wanted. Here, the purpose is more to designate the bedroom space as opposed to the living space.  (As well, the bedroom space is painted in a darker tone than the living space, which also emphasizes the division of the rooms. )

The colours in the room are well coordinated. There are blue and green tones throughput, from the walls to the tables to the pillows to the lamps. There is also a nice mixture of bold colors and neutral colours, with the bigger pieces being neutral and the furniture being darker. Overall, though, the room is light, and the mirrors help bring that out.

There are few arms on the furniture, and the bed has no footboard. This helps in a limited space. As well, the coffee tables are stackable, which is also versatile.

A nice little package of an apartment.

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