Stout beer: what it is, and what’s the best out there to drink

If you’re like me, when you think of stout, you think…well, Guinness. I love Guinness, and I enjoy the rich darkness of stout generally. What was surprising to me, though, was after reading this article, Beers of The Times – Call It Stout, Though It Isn’t – Review –, I learned that a) stout generally isn’t as heavy as I thought, and b) there are alot more good stouts out there other than the grand stout from Ireland.

So, what are the best stouts? According to the review:

“…our No. 1 beer, Black Hawk Stout from Mendocino Brewing, which has breweries on both coasts, evoked visions of classic Irish stouts. It was light and dry, yes, but graceful and deliciously refreshing, too. I could see it easily becoming my new midday or ballgame tipple. Would somebody please get Yankee Stadium on the phone?

… the St. Ambroise oatmeal stout, from McAuslan Brewing in Montreal, was No. 2 on our list of North American stouts. It was bigger and richer than the Black Hawk, with the smoothness and slight sweetness that come from adding oatmeal to the malted barley.”

See the article, then get yourself some stout. It’s practically a health food! 🙂

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4 responses to “Stout beer: what it is, and what’s the best out there to drink

  1. I love Guinness beer (especially fresh on tap), it’s my favorite beer. So naturally, I have tried Kirin’s Stout as well – it’s quite good.

    Which reminds me that I should pick up a few cans at the supermarket on my way home tonight!

    PS. You can also buy Guinness in cans at the Japanese supermarket.

    PPS. My blog post on beer in my fridge earlier this year

  2. Stuart Mckissick

    I am looking for a good dark beer without the bitterness to it. I love a good dark beer but cant seem to find one with a dark taste without the bitterness. Is it the barley that gives dark beer its flavor? I just tried a porter coffee beer but I feel that I wasted my hardearned money because it is so bitter. What do you suggest? Please help so I dont waste any more money.

  3. Nate Arthurhultz

    try Dragons Milk from New Holland Brewing Co. Very Smooth. One of my favorites.