Daily Archives: December 13, 2009

This is embarrassing: the new LRT track on St. Clair in Toronto

Apparently this is part of the new Light Rapid Transit line being put in place on St. Clair Avenue in Toronto:

I can’t imagine under what justification could such work would be acceptible. Any thoughts? If you go here, St. Clair ROW – Page 53 – Urban Toronto, you can see more photos of the — not very straight — line.

If you like Scotland, Johnnie Walker or Robert Carlyle, watch this

It’s a well filmed, single shot monologue by the great Scotch actor, Robert Carlyle, walking down the road in some remote place in Scotland, talking about Johnnie Walker blended whisky. Sounds simple, yes? It’s actually really well done. Like I said, one take, but with all the props in it as Carlyle strides down the road matching perfectly his monologue, it must have been very challenging to do.

I love the scenery as well as the use of English subtitles, despite Carlyle speaking English (but of course with a Scotch accent).


YouTube – Johnnie Walker – The Man Who Walked Around The World

Art Interiors / Emily Bickell update (or, if you are STILL Christmas shopping… :))

The art interiors festival of smalls is still going on, and they still have lots of great art work by Canadian artists selling at a very low cost (I would say “cheap”, but there is nothing inferior about these paintings).

I got an update from Emily Bickell that she is sending more of her work to the sale, which is great, because her painting are selling fast!

Which gets me to my last point: if you are STILL Christmas shopping and you find the thought of crushing in with the crowds and lining up with the lineups depressing, you can order online from art interiors! But do it fast: the paintings ain’t hanging around (in any sense of the phrase).

Finally, here is another of Emily’s work, which is related to but different from her abstract water works.

I am a big fan of Christopher Pratt and Winslow Homer and this painting and the ones like it remind me of that, though it is calmer than some of Homer’s painting and not as stark as some of Pratt’s. Great stuff, all, though. And since you likely can’t afford Homer or Pratt…

To paraphrase Edna Mode: Go! Shop! Buy! And tell me all about it when you get something… 🙂

Emily Bickell / Red Sailboat / Affordable Artwork / Canadian Art / Gallery / Framing / Canvas / Art Interiors – Toronto, ON

More awesome Christmas…stuff! Dancing Robots!

Dancing Robots?! How is that Christmas-y?! Well, check this out and see!

I’m very impressed how well this is done. I think someone should get these little guys on SYTYCD!

YouTube – Synchronized Robot Christmas Dance