Daily Archives: December 9, 2009

A giant iceberg heading towards Australia

While they say it has nothing to do with global warming, the fact that there is a giant iceberg heading towards Australia is pretty incredible, especially when you thinking that, according to CNN.com,

“A massive iceberg — more than twice the size of New York’s Manhattan island — is drifting slowly toward Australia, scientists said Wednesday.

The iceberg, measuring 140 square km (54 square miles), cleaved off an ice shelf nearly 10 years ago and had been floating near Antarctica before commencing on its unusual journey north.”

Twice the size of Manhattan!! Not quite 2012, but still, very striking.

On using Google Tools

Recently I started using Google Wave. I like it, though I think it will take a while before it takes off.Using it, I found myself using other Google tools again. Tools I hadn’t used in awhile. Here’s some notes on that:

Google Desktop: actually, I never stopped using this. I find it essential for finding information on my computer quickly. A great tools. Love it.
Gmail: I still use Gmail from time to time, but I have been using Yahoo Mail for some time, and I find I like the UI better, plus all my “stuff” is there. Like it, but like Yahoo more.
Google Reader: I think Reader is a good tool. I tend to use a desktop feedreader, Feedreader. I like that too, but I am thinking of switch to Google Reader. I like it.
Google Calendar: I started using Calendar again. It’s a good tool, and the more I play with it, the move I like it. I will write more about this, but I think I love it.
Google App Server: I played around with this, but it seemed not ready for prime time. I am meh when it comes to this.
Google Maps: I like Maps, but I have had errors with it. I always check both it and Yahoo maps. I also like the APIs for Yahoo maps better.
Google Docs: I am more of a Zoho fan than a Docs fan, but I tend to like both of them, but I don’t use either one nearly enough. I like it though
Picasa: I thought it was ok, but I like flickr better. Alot. I also just like using Facebook.
iGoogle: I find iGoogle invaluable. I use it as my dashboard. I check my Internet mail, todos…all kinds of things. Love it.
Google itself: I like Google, but I don’t like the result. I like Clusty.com better for better searching.
Youtube: I like YT alot, though I don’t do much with it. I am starting to like Vimeo.
Google Notebook: I was using this for awhile, but my use fell off. Perhaps I need to revisit it.

Other Google things I have used:

Google pages: I still have some up there, I think. Haven’t checked in awhile. I liked it. It was a good place to play around with web pages.
Google Mashup tool: I looked at this, but I didn’t think it provided much value for what it did. I guess others felt the same, for it is discontinued.

How to create more secure passwords: a simple yet effective approach

It’s important to have good quality passwords. Including a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation marks in your password will make for a tougher password than a simple word (w1Nt.e!r is a much harder password to break than winter) . However, remembering such passwords can be difficult.

To achieve this, one approach is to use email addresses as passwords. Many email addresses contain underscores and numbers and all of them contain the @ sign and periods. If you use email addresses as passwords, your passwords will automatically be more secure.

Now obviously you should not use a easy to guess email address as your password. You don’t even have to use a real email address: me@myT0ughPassw0rd.heck.ya.times.1000 will also work well. The challenge is to have a password you can recall with one that is harder to break. This approach helps with that.

Big changes coming to Facebook

Anyone who uses Facebook should know that it’s Privacy Day at Facebook. What this means, according to Mashable, is that it will be more straightforward to change your privacy settings. You may not think much about that now, but you should. For Facebook is working with Google to make more Facebook content searchable. You might think all those photos and other things you’ve posted there are private, but you may be in for a surprise later when it all suddenly shows up on a Google search.

Perhaps a good resolution for the new year’s is to change your privacy settings there (and think about that in general).