Daily Archives: December 15, 2009

Cute food

What is Cute Food, you may ask? I give you exhibit A:

THAT is a sandwich. There’s more! Go to EpiCute and see.

Goats: a great Christmas gift idea

Yes, that’s right, these things:

If you have a friend or loved one who doesn’t really need anything for Christmas, why not buy a goat for them? Now, if you go here, you will see that if you Donate a Goat you Give Charitable Gifts to a Family in Need via the program Oxfam America Unwrapped. It provides food, fertilizer, and empowers women. Not bad for $50.

Or consider this: if you have to buy a present for someone you would rather not, you can give them a pile of manure! How awesome is that? ­čÖé Either way you can helps others and help yourself with your gift list.

Oxfam America has a video describing the program. Watch it, then go get someone a goat or something else for this December.

The Big Banks blow off Obama

What’s impressive about this photo is who’s not in it. Namely, the heads of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup. Apparently bad weather meant that they could not make the meeting. But really, if they were looking for money, do you think they would have missed this? No, me neither.

I find this interesting. Clearly they think they no longer need taxpayers help. Which is good, in a way. They probably┬áthink that it’s unlikely that Obama will do the same thing that Gordon Brown is doing in the UK with the Bonus Tax. And they must have been┬áchecking their Blackberries when Paul Volcker was lecturing them recently. Otherwise they would have made this meeting, even if they had to have their limo drivers drive them here.

Post meeting, it will be interesting also to see what happens between when Health Care gets settled and when the 2010 elections get going. Either Obama and team take their eye off this ball and focus on something else, or, they remember this meeting when the bankers decided to try and show them who’s the boss. My guess is that beating up the big banks will make for good electioneering by the Dems. So if they decide to ignore him when Obama Presses Giant Banks to Make More Loans then he’ll give them something to pay attention to later.