Daily Archives: December 5, 2009

Friday Fun Music

I love this video! Why? Well, it’s got:

  •  Neko Case rocking out her inner Stevie Nicks/Pat Benetar
  • the New Pornographers channeling their inner ZZ Top
  • a fantastic cover — almost note perfect — of that 1982 hit by Toronto (from back in the day of bands like Chicago, Boston…)
  • Napoleon Dynamite like characters chair jumping for money
  • crazied women screaming at said chair jumpers
  • this woman master of ceremonies in a tight black leather outfit that could have walked out of a David Lynch film
  • and…AND…it’s got this corpulent fellow dressed up like a vampire doing…well, I’m not sure what
  • and so much more!

YouTube – New Pornographers – Your Daddy Don’t Know

and if you want to see the original: YouTube – Toronto – Your Daddy don’t know