Daily Archives: December 24, 2009

Best 12 Days of Christmas ever.

You thought singing “12 Days of Christmas” was difficult? Watch these guys sing “it”.

YouTube – Straight No Chaser – 12 Days of Christmas

Christmas Carols Deluxe! The Three Tenors sing “Sleigh Ride”

Anything the Three Tenors sing is rich and worth listening to, including the Christmas classic, Sleigh Ride.

BTW, Pavarotti muffs a line around the 36 second mark. He sings “Hoo Hoo” instead of “Yoo Hoo”. Carreras notices this: watch his expression!


A early Christmas present to people: Letter to Jane Magazine

Folks, as you relax and unwind over the holidays, I strongly encourage you to check out the first edition of LETTER TO JANE Magazine.

Honestly, it’s great. Go take a look: it’s a visual feast.

And hats off to Tim for putting together such a strong digital publication.

Bah Humbug! The infamous CHRISTMA exec worm

Back in the 1980s when I worked on VM as a system programmer, people used to send around VM executable code like the CHRISTMA exec that people would run. The execs (as we called them)  would show a text message like the one in this picture. Pretty harmless and nice.

However, the CHRISTMA EXEC was different. It was not harmless or nice. It was dangerous and sneaky. It would not only display a Christmas message, but, without you being aware of it, would read a file (the NETLOG file) that would find out email addresses of people who sent and received email from you and send itself to them as well. A worm, essentially. Since people were used to getting scripts as Christmas greetings, they ran it without looking at it (indeed, the comments even tell people: “browsing this file is no fun at all       just type CHRISTMAS from cms “…sneaky). The next thing we knew, this worm was showing up all over the place. A nice way to spend Christmas time, killing this worm.

So to the CHRISTMA EXEC I say, “Bah Humbug!”.

But to everyone else I say: Merry Christmas!

Yuken Teruya and the transformation of mundane things into things of beauty

When I have to deal with a paper bag or a paper tube, I think: I need to recycle this. Yuken Teruya thinks: how can I make this into a beautiful work of art (like the Happy Meal bag above). If you go to the site, Notice – Forest Series – Yuken Teruya Studio, you will see many more works like this. Stunning. (Via Swiss Miss).