Daily Archives: December 22, 2009

The long arm of the law catches underage drinkers using a Facebook sting

As if we don’t have enough examples of why it is bad to break the law or the rules and post it on Facebook, here comes another example where police in Wisconsin used Facebook to catch underage drinkers by friending them. You can see the details here on Wired Campus.

You know those hundreds of friends you have on Facebook? Some of them are not your friends. Beware.

What will Health Care Reform (HCR) mean for the rest of the world?

I believe that HCR is actually great for the rest of the world. Because with HCR, Americans will be spending more of their money on Health Care, versus other Things (Things = cars, houses, etc.). As more money gets devoted to Health Care, there will be a greater focus on Health Care generally. I believe the result will be more innovations in the area of Health, with more cures and better ways to deliver health care. This will benefit Americans, but indirectly it will benefit the rest of the world as well.

I used to be envious of Americans because they received tax deductions on their mortgages. Sadly, this likely led to the Great Recession we are just starting to pull out of. If Americans put their money into better Health Care versus better houses and better cars, we all will benefit.

What will Health Care Reform (HCR) mean for most Americans?

Simple. It will mean they get Health Care, and they get it for alot less money than if there was no HCR. See this chart:

Whatever else people say about HCR, it looks like a good deal for Americans. Will it cost them? Certainly. But the alternatives are surely worse. See The Senate Bill Saves Families Money – Kaiser Health News for the details.