Daily Archives: December 1, 2009

How much do you think this typewriter is worth?

$11? $50? Or $20,000? If you guessed the last answer, you’d be correct. For this Olivetti typewriter, a well designed machine in its own right, is worth so much more because it used to belong to Cormac McCarthy. A good story about McCarthy and his Olivetti typewriter can be found (at this somewhat punnily titled article) here: No Country for Old Typewriters – A Well-Used One Heads to Auction – NYTimes.com

December 1 is World Aids Day

Find out more. One way you can do that is by learning more about joinred.com.

See Fight Aids In Africa, Aids Awareness – JoinRED Fight Aids

The positive effects of the U.S. Federal Stimulus Package

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), it has produced 600,000 to 1.6 Million Employed by Stimulus according to the WSJ.com, as well as boosted the GDP.

You may argue with the cost/benefits of such stimulus, but it appears to be doing what it should be doing, which is create short term jobs and stimulate the economy. And jobs, especially in the U.S., are certainly needed.

Looking for gift ideas? Check out these 10 great gifts under $50 from Style At Home

Now, the list of 10 great gifts under $50, includes glass bowls, throws, and other fine things. But frankly, they had me at Tiffany’s!

Sure, you can get a cheaper deck of cards than these, but how many gifts can you get from Tiffany’s that is under $50 that will actually be useful? Not many, I say. But hey, whether it’s this or something else on the list, I believe now your Christmas shopping — and mine — just got a bit easier.

Good luck!

Where’s the best place in the world to live? According to expats polled by HSBC, it’s Canada

More reasons to be proud of Canada! According to this  Expat Experience Report 2009 by HSBC Bank International, Canada ranks #1 in terms of ranking by expats. As the surveys says, Canada “scored well across all categories, with ‘making expat friends’ the only category where it was ranked outside of the top ten. It scored in the top three for setting up utilities, making local friends and joining community groups.”

To be fair to other places like the UK, Canadian accomodation tends to be newer. And Canadians — most people, actually — likely work less than those in places like Hong Kong. Needless the say, the UK, the US, HK, and many of the other places are great places to live or move to for all sorts of reasons.

That said, I was still delighted (but not surprised) that Canada came in first. Now if it only didn’t get dark so early in the wintertime. 🙂

Check out the report: it fairly comprehensive.

Polyvore: the next big thing in fashion?

My 13 year old is a fan of Polyvore, where users of the site can “play fashion editor and create collages featuring pictures of clothes, accessories and models from across the Web”, according to NYTimes.com. What caught my attention was this:

Founded by three ex-Yahoo engineers, Polyvore has been focused on getting people to visit the site. It seems to be working. Polyvore had more than 835,000 unique visitors in June, almost 25 percent more than the traffic to Style.com, run by Vogue, and InStyle.com, according to Compete, a Web analytics firm. It is also far bigger than the Web sites of Lucky and Harper’s Bazaar. While other fashion magazine sites have been struggling to hold an online audience, Polyvore has tripled its traffic in the last year.

Not only is it getting traffic, but it is getting it using highly interactive approaches. I believe this is the future. I don’t think sites can just demonstrate content (or worse, locked in Flash content). I think the sites that allow the user to take control of the content will be the ones that succeed. If that’s true, Polyvore should do well. Let’s see.