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On Warhol, Basquiat, and Haring too. All three in the news.

Three of my favorite artists were in the news recently. Andy Warhol made the front page as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against him and his estate in the Prince Photo Copyright Case. I found that concerning, but less so after I read this good analysis by Blake Gopnik: Supreme Court Warhol Ruling Shouldn’t Hurt Artists. But It Might. I feel it will be ok.

Speaking of Warhol, here’s a good piece in artsy talking about how the once dismissed colloboration between him and Basquiat is gaining greater appreciation as time goes by. A recent showing at Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris of 70 joint works should help with that.

A long running story has been these so called discovered Basquiats that were on display at a museum in Florida. It turns out that one of the people involved confessed to a forgery scheme regarding these paintings. No surprise there. Glad it’s over.

And why would anyone do that? Well his work now’s the time (shown above) was expected to fetch $30,000,000 at least by the good people at Sotheby’s.

Finally, I was glad to see that Keith Haring is getting a new show at the Broad Museum in Los Angeles. I was less glad to read about how the curator diminished Haring as she spoke about him. Haring was always a serious artist taken seriously. His work is joyful and playful and sexy at times, but it was and is never second rate. That said, see the show. Get more Haring in your life.


Old parts of Toronto: the 80s

To close off Toronto week here on the blog, here’s two pieces on what it was like to grow up in Toronto in the 1980s. First,  Toronto Life has 15 signs you grew up in Toronto in the 1980s. Not to be outdone, blogTO doubles that and shares 30 signs you grew up in Toronto in the 1980s 🙂

(Image from the Toronto Life piece. I loved going to Toby’s when I was in Toronto in the 80s. They were everywhere and they had good burgs. )


On Haring, Basquiat and the art that defined 80s New York

Some good links on the art of the 1980s, of which Basquiat and Haring played a big part, here and here.

Most of the time the links I post are mostly because I want other people to know about them. Links that talk about my youth are mainly for me. 🙂 But fans of either painter or art of that time should click through.

Painting above by Haring in tribute to Basquiat. May they both RIP.