The importance of landscaping in the city

I pass this bench all the time. I have never seen anyone sitting there. Ever.

In some ways, it is a pleasant place to sit: lots of grass, good walkways, closeness to the nearby apartment building. It gets both shade and sunshine.

Yet, there is also the omnipresence of the garbage cans and large container nearby that signal it is not really a place for leisure. Nor are there any trees or or flowers or anything to make it more pleasant for someone to sit there.

Perhaps people don’t sit there because there is a park nearby that also has benches to sit. That’s the point: those park benches are under trees and there is a playground and other things that signal to those in the area that this is a place to relax.

Imagine this place with trees and flowers and perhaps a table or another bench. And some way of making the garbage cans not visible. People might actually enjoy it.

2 responses to “The importance of landscaping in the city

  1. In the 1960’s and 70’s Christopher Alexander provided all such answers and solutions tontiis dilemma. I think his work should be required reading for those responsible for the design and upkeep of public places.

  2. smartpeopleiknow

    I hear ya, Ron. It’s sad to see such spaces, especially when you know there are better ways of handling them