In the market for headphones? You must go here

The web site HeadRoom has a wealth of information on anything regarding headphones. Ratings, prices, lots of photos, and very detailed reviews. I’m looking at these Grado 60s, for example: great value “cans” for under $100 (Canadian).

One response to “In the market for headphones? You must go here

  1. smartpeopleiknow

    OK, got the Grado 60s at BayBloor: I love them. Great service from BayBloor (no surprise) too. HeadRoom says this about them: “Grado SR 60But probably the big mack-daddy of portable headphone upgrades is the venerable open-earcup Grado SR60 made by Brooklyn’s family-run Grado Labs shop. At a bargain $69 bucks, it still reigns supreme in delicious sound quality available under that magic $100 mark. If you are looking to get into a nearly ‘high-end’ sound experience for the least possible expenditure, this is probably it. Granted, their styling is best described as “ultimate old school”, but these basic cans have been wowing music lovers for well over a decade now.”