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Night Flowers

Taken with my Diana F+ camera.Part of my Flickr  Photostream

Jump Up!

More Mary J Blige. Why?

…because I think she’s the best.

YouTube – Mary J. Blige – Come To Me (PEACE)

Runners! The Nike Human Race 10K is October 24th. Are you ready?

Anyone who has been running awhile should consider signing up for Nike’s  Human Race. Nike always puts on a good running event, and this is quite an event indeed, with runners all over the world participating. If you are up for a 10K this weekend, see the site for more info.

A brilliantly down to earth idea…

is this: Mud Stencils used to Create Environmentally-Conscious Graffiti. See Inhabitat blog for the details.

Dead fly art. Really!

Ok. This is kinda weird. But very funny. And one of the more novel ways to recycle!


For more of such zaniness, see Greenwala – Green Art. It would likely even be better if you knew German!

The Lion’s Share and other fables from Aesop

I have often heard the expression, the lion’s share, but I didn’t know that it is part of Aesop’s Fables.  Nor did I know what Aesop meant by it. I thought it just meant: the biggest part of what is being shared. But if you read this, The Lion’s Share. Aesop. 1909-14. Fables. The Harvard Classics, you will see there is a bit more to the fable.

Once you check that out, poke around and you can find more of Aesop’s Fables.

Image of Aesop from wikipedia, where you can find out more about him.