French Health Care beats American Health Care

If you are to the left of the political spectrum in the U.S., then this article, Why I Prefer French Health Care by the head of Reason Magazine, is not going to tell you anything you don’t already know.

But if you are to the right of the political spectrum, you owe it to yourself to read it. The author has lots of experience with the French and the U.S. health care system, and he makes the case for the French system over the U.S. with strong personal examples. And face it: is all for free minds and free markets, and yet they (or the author) argues this.

Americans deserve better health care. Certainly they deserve care that’s as good as the French (and Canadian, etc.) Hears hoping they get it.

2 responses to “French Health Care beats American Health Care

  1. More importantly, does French beat Canada? If so, why the heck are we still stuck with what we have? 🙂

    • smartpeopleiknow

      Good question, Archie. The short answer is: I don’t know. I think there are more similarities than differences, especially when compared to the U.S. But I am not a health care expert (though I find it interesting)

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