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On the Apple Cube, a wonderful failure

It’s hard to believe that this computer (see above), that is in the MoMA no less, was a failure. But as this piece shows, it was one of Apple’s least successful computers for a number of reasons: 20 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Built Apple’s G4 Cube. It Bombed | WIRED.

Beautiful design, but not a great product. Every company has those from time to time. Apple was no exception.


For MacOS users who need a simple and free stopwatch or timer

 This tool seems pretty good. Using it right now.


How to set up and use a Raspberry Pi with a Mac

This says Pi 3 but it should work for pretty much any Raspberry Pi: How to set up and use a Raspberry Pi 3 with a Mac – Macworld UK. Also, it says Noobs 1.9, but just go with the latest and greatest.