Oprah goes on to become more powerful

Oprah appears to be going from the being the most powerful woman in American media to the most influencial woman on the planet. And why not? She has a universal appeal that transcends cultural barriers. And she has the means – her TV show – to reach people all over the planet.

For people who think Oprah is too mainstream for their liking, I’d like to point out this one key quote in this article,  Saudi Women Find an Unlikely Role Model – Oprah,

“In a country where the sexes are rigorously separated, where topics like sex and race are rarely discussed openly and where a strict code of public morality is enforced by religious police called hai’a, Ms. Winfrey provides many young Saudi women with new ways of thinking about the way local taboos affect their lives — as well as about a variety of issues including childhood sexual abuse and coping with marital strife — without striking them, or Saudi Arabia’s ruling authorities, as subversive.”

And that may be the most subversive thing about Oprah. It certainly allows her to be highly influential.

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