What’s happening with Midcentury Modern Design

According to this, the interest in this style of furniture may be slowly fading:
Is Interest in Midcentury Modern Design Declining?

I’m not surprised. Revivals all have their rise and falls, and this style of furniture is overdue. Likely it won’t totally fade, since so many pieces of that era really blend in well with other styles of furnishing. It’s just likely you won’t see whole rooms dedicated to the style.

One response to “What’s happening with Midcentury Modern Design

  1. This was an intresting article. I don’t think that its so hard to believe that mid century is fading as all design eventually does. Some ascetics that weren’t’ that great in the first place tend to fade faster. Think powder blue duck wallpaper. I can only hope that aspects of mid century design can hang on while ‘grandmillenial’ design takes off. It would be a sad world without Eames. Thanks for sharing.

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